OUR MISSION :Help people and projects to energize a coast areas.

OUR CULTURE : offer youth outings, values of honesty, solidarity, sacrifice and work through projects on the beach


      Work for facilities on the beaches where they can take a step forward with fresh strategy and services; 

       Seeks human teams and team leaders for these projects to help each facility achieve the best possible efficiency.

If you have a beach project or you are looking for a beach work way of life, Beach Centers can help you.


  SPECIALIZATION : Theming facilities and services.
  HR : Recruitment, selection, training, practices and scaling of human teams and team leaders.
  SALES : Sales to success.

To achieve our objectives we need to develop a business plan through people who have had experience in setting up this type of project. In the office ,projects can looks simple way, but reality supposes finding variables that were not contemplated, if we did not do this before.

Discussing the business plan with experts makes it possible to have all the variables on the table, without surprises. The offer of services, the location, the arrangement of the installation, the equipment and the necessary tools must be contrasted with projects already installed.

Design of services and products with profitability analysis strategies for the selection and training of human resources, the promotion of services,design of facilities and instruments, the design of each product and its promotional dissemination, legal knowledge in a space where different administrations works with differents regulations, administrative and accounting advice, the stage of construction of facilities, acquisition of equipment, digitization  processes with positioning on a global market and the search for investments complete the tasks when creating this kind of projects.

Let's work successfully on a business plan that unites efforts under the same objective.